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Our culture is to be permanently connected with our customers and get closer to their needs.

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Our Commitments

To give the best possible Service to our clients through the expertise of each department: Comex, data compilation, logistics and quality control allow us to offer a timely and efficient attention.

Innovation in obtaining higher value-added products from the recycling of wine by-products.

With the Solid and Liquid Waste Management collected from the national wine industry, in compliance with the current environmental standard and the APL ( Clean Production Agreements) ISO 9.001, ISO 14.001, HACCP and local certifications with the industry as members of the CCV (Chilean Wine Corporation).

With the Environment, through voluntary commitments and investment in water treatment technology (Biodigestion) and air purification filters to comply with all legal norms and requirements from RCA (Environmental Qualification Resolution). Vinicas is committed to the reduce its carbon footprint. From controlling the water treatment to air scrubbers and electrostatic filters that reduce emissions below European and US limits, its completely dedicated to living and working in harmony with our environment. They currently capture enough methane to power a 2-megawatt power plant.